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Web Scraping Services

We will extract data from any website. Delivery in 48h for under 10k records.

We’re daily collecting and matching product data from 200+ sources, including images, UOMs, UPCs, MOQs, etc.

Providing data to support research by top consultant companies, including historical data extraction.

Automating dropship operations - stock & pricing updates, automatic supplier ordering.

Scraped data is available using our REST API or CSV file download.

The data will be scraped and provided within seconds from your request.

Product matching

Our product matching engine will match scraped data to your products, minding UOMs, MOQs, UPCs, ...


Data as a Service. We continually provide the data, taking care of end-to-end maintenance.

Data feeds

We integrate data feeds your partners or you yourself have, with data we scrape.


Your requirements

Just write up whatever data you have on your request - at least the website name, fields to extract, and desired output format. If you need any assistance we will help. If you like our quote, we proceed with step 2.

We extract the data

Using our in-house engine we extract the data. Our 15 years of experience and extensive QA process will make this efficient and error free. We will deliver within 48h for up to 10k records.


The data is QAd in detail, both automatically and manually, and delivered to you in the shortest possible time frame - instantly if using Real Time extraction.

Provide your requirements

Request a quote

None of the fields (but e-mail) are mandatory. Feel free to just ask questions. If you'd like to schedule a call with our experts, please provide what would be a good time for you in any field of the form.

    Delivery options

    CSVExcelXMLAPIJSONUpload to your serverIntegrate with your systemsApply additional processingExtract imagesExtract data from PDFsMatch products to your database

    Data refresh frequency

    Real time (live)One timeMore than dailyDailyWeeklyMonthlyYearly


    These guys are Pros. My first time using a data extraction service --- it was surprisingly quick and easy! I requested several quotes and they came in the cheapest every time. This opens up many new possibilities for my business.


    Data Extraction did a GREAT job for us! On-time, on-budget with no problems. Thanks!


    These guys are excellent! Highly recommended!

    Mark Joyner

    I was looking for a knowledgeable company, one that has deep experience in the Web, Data mining, HTML, and flexibility to undertake unusual projects. Data Extraction provided data mining services to my company, the exceptional work they produced enables us to quickly and easily market over 2.5 million products online. The automation has reduced our workload by 6 hours per week! To everyone who needs to have a qualified, committed and trustworthy partner in producing anything “Web” related, I cannot recommend highly enough the services Data Extraction can provide to you. We have worked with them for over a year, cross borders, without the need to meet, or talk on the phone! They are amazing.

    Purest Group, LLC

    I’ve found you excellent to work with both with regards to completing things in a timely fashion and at a fair price. Your help in redoing work when my brief was mistakenly incorrect was fantastic. I look forward to working with you again should we need help.

    Aardvark Safaris
    Richard Smith

    Data Extraction has done several projects for me. Each and every one of them has come out exactly as I specified and they have always gone out of their way to make sure everything works out well.

    Bill McIntosh, MBC Management Group, Inc.