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Scrape public government records

Government websites are a valuable source of information for our clients. The data is publicly available but often hard to retrieve manually. So we scrape this data and convert it to Excel files or any other format. This is what we can do for you:

  • daily (or any other frequency) Excel files to your mailbox containing updates of information on data sources you specify (for example, latest lawsuits from a specific county, or lawsuits matching certain search criteria)
  • individual columns in those files will list  key information, for example, names, addresses, or whatever other information you specify
  • we’d extract this data from a publicly available records.

Below is a description of a project we’ve done. Please submit the Contact Us form (top menu) to specify your requirements.


Client wanted interactive and recurring extraction of lawsuits in a particular US city. This would replace hours of manual labor on getting each individual lawsuit page and copy&paste the information.

Business model

Client is a legal office looking for clients. The database of recent lawsuits contains the potential clients’ info.

Our solution

We have created a web form where client can enter the search parameters of the lawsuits he’s interested in. Our scraper would then check every minute if a new request had been submitted.

If so, it would submit the search parameters into the remote website, go page by page and retrieve all individual lawsuit pages. It would then get the specified data fields from every single page and form the Excel file. Upon the completion of the extraction, the client gets the e-mail with the extracted data.

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