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Extract contacts, products, real time data, …

We will quickly provide data from any website using our in-house Web Data Extraction Engine. It can automatically log into websites, recognize emails, links, pricing data, match products, even recognize snail mail addresses from a free formatted text. Using our engine, we can quickly develop data extraction scripts adjusted to individual extraction projects and deploy it on our servers. The data passes through our QA process prior to delivery.

Businesses need the data from the Internet in order to survive and stay competitive. For example, in order to build and maintain competitive advantages, your business may need prospective clients contacts from a website, or you may need a list of products to incorporate into your own website.

Whether you need e-mails, product prices and descriptions, daily financial reports, links or something entirely different – don’t worry. We can adjust our extraction tools, collect, organize and deliver specified data in a format so that they can immediately be integrated and deployed.

Special requests

  • use our API to get data from websites in Real Time
  • match products we extract to your product database
  • run periodic or on-demand extraction
  • high volume data collection
  • post extracted articles to your CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) using the XML-RPC method

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