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Job Ads Scraping

We collect all the job data across the web, including job specifications, compensation plans, and other significant details, thereby giving you leverage over your competitors, simplifying the hiring and the job seeking process, as well as reducing the time spent on manual research. 

How Does Job Scraping Work? 

Web Data Extraction Services offers job scraping services that can extract job data from various job boards into a single file for you. By doing so, this service facilitates faster and more informed decision-making for both job seekers and companies looking to hire.

In Which Format Can You Deliver Data? 

You can choose the format of data delivery. These options include, but are not limited to, CSV, JSON, XML, and many other formats depending on the quantity of data. Data can be delivered via API endpoint, FTP, or just regular email. Depending on our agreement, we’re delivering data regularly, on demand, or as soon as we detect it on the source website.

What is the Price Range for the Job Scraping Service? 

We’re offering job scraping solutions by come at highly competitive pricing, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our job scraping service helps you monitor job listings across the world and provides valuable insights into competitors’ strategies as well. For a full price range, reach out to us via the contact form. 

Benefits of Job Listings Data Extraction 

By retrieving all important data about job listings and analyzing them, a business can revolutionize hiring trends, enable strategic planning, and reduce unnecessary financial losses. On a similar note, this service speeds up job hunting and helps job seekers find job offers tailored to their experience and requirements. 

More precisely, our Job Scraping service creates somewhat of a talent map. The data you’ll receive on your end can be categorized by a dozen key factors, such as salary range, location, industry, education levels, and several other categories. 

Furthermore, each category has subcategories that have a unique target audience. For example, if you wish to sort the job listings data by industry, some of the subcategories can be programming, web development, legal, medical field, etc. 

Is Job Scraping an AI-Powered Tool? 

While it’s not necessarily an AI-powered tool, we do use AI to enrich and extract additional data from source websites. Once you submit a project request, our team of experts will offer you a call to discuss all the project details. 

Some of the information we’ll need in order to ensure premium-quality service includes the specific websites to crawl, the data to be extracted, the scale of the scraping requirement, the need for data transformation, and any necessary integrations. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us